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​​Securo Firebreather - Immediate Fire Stop!

Firebreather technology (FB) is a unique concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles which has the exceptional characteristic that they block the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.

The technology is patented and is the first that enables an instant and time-uninterrupted fire classified partition in a ventilated item without moving parts, sensors, cabling or activation.

The fire resistance can work up to several hours.
The company’s technology solves the problems that it previously did not exist a good solutions for, in addition to easier venting through firewalls and at a far cheaper price than before.

The products are patented both in Norway and internationally.


FB technology can be used in many different product applications with different application areas.
Based on the patented Firebreather technology we can tailor solutions for fire ventilation in buildings, ships, offshore installations, industry etc.

The following principles are combined in Firebreather technology:

• Flame Stopper element
• Heat-absorbing element
• heat-accumulating element
• Thermal break
• Graphite Based fire foam that swells and seals

The result of the patented technology is achieved by combining several known principles for preventing the spread of fire. These principles will not separately operate satisfactorily, but when combined they work instant and up to several hours.

the uniqueness with the vents is the combination of a flame stopper element which acts from the first millisecond, a heat-absorbing and heat-accumulating element that extends the flamestop effect for up to five minutes, a thermal breakage which prevents the vent from becoming so hot on the protected side that it can ignite something and a grid off intumescent that will close the vent completely for the spread of fire within a few minutes.
The combination of these principles means that the vent will prevent fire from spreading from the first millisecond and up to several hours.

Approval / tests:

Tests SINTEF Building Research made at ResQ Center at the University of Haugesund, and testing conducted at Warrington Institute in England, shows that vents based on Firebreather technology is the best thing that has been tested to prevent the fire from spreading through vents.​

Read the article in Puu-magazine:



Fire Test: Click play! 
This test shows how a​ Securo FB-vent closes the ventilation duct immediately after exposure to fire and hot gases, unlike a competing product which take several minutes to reach it's full potential. ​