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Product development and quality control










Bob Talling, M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)
Managing Director, Owner

An entrepreneur with 30+ years of international experience in chemical engineering, construction materials, insulation and marine businesses of which 21 years as CEO and entrepreneur of Renotech Inc. He is a leading material expert in the field of cement, concrete, alkali activated materials, geopolymers, and use of side streams and waste materials in the circular economy.

Valter Wigren, M.Sc. (Chem.)
R&D Manager

A rising talent in developing new materials and selling services, one of his responsibilities is our “Ash to Cash” concept. He specializes in ash chemistry and mineralogy, with an emphasis on introducing desired properties in ashes. He is an expert in cementitious systems containing ash. He also develops our milling technology and has a deep understanding of the Mechanochemical Activation processes related to high intensity grinding.

Kristian Gunnelius, M.Sc. (Chem Eng.)
Laboratory Manager

Kristian is an experienced engineer in the areas of suspension rheology and quantitative XRD analysis. He has been working with semi-adiabatic calorimetry of ash and concrete mixtures. Another strong area of knowledge is the analysis of particle surface properties including zeta potential, surface charge and surface area analysis. Furthermore, he has a talent for maintaining and adapting laboratory equipment to specific needs.

Gaurav Das, M.Sc. (Chem Eng.)
Product Development Engineer/New Business

As a Chemical and Materials Engineer, he is working with developing pre-treatment strategies for various industrial waste materials in the power generation and other industries. His work also involves converting wastes and other side streams of these industries into eco-friendly multi-application oriented high value commercial products. He has deep knowhow of Design of Experiments (DoE) and multivariate data analysis using statistics and advanced modelling softwares. These tools are put to use during lab, pilot and production phases to get maximum results with least possible resources, time and effort. He can successfully use these tools in engineering, quality control, big data analytics, marketing etc. His core responsibilities involve Product Development, Quality Control, Project Management, Technical Customer Solutions and Sales.

Patrycja Piotrowska, Ph.D. (Tech.)
High Temperature Engineer

She is an expert in energy conversion with the focus on combustion properties of solid fuels, and has been working with biomass and ash characterization techniques since 2007 evaluating ash related operational problems such as agglomeration, slagging, deposit formation and risk of hot temperature corrosion. She has experience of different strategies to solve operational problems tested in both laboratory scale and semi-industrial scale combustion and gasification units. 

Ville-Pekka Johansson, M.Sc. (Chem Eng.)
BBA. (Business administration), Logistics

Ville is our logistics system planning and logistics cost calculation specialist. As he has experience as an R&D engineer in the fields of resins, colorants and polymers he has a strong background in the chemical industry, including hands-on in​volvement with international technology transfer.

Motolani Sakeye, D.Sc. (Tech)
Project Researcher

​Chemical/process engineer with a passion for research, got hands-on experience both on the field and in the laboratory. Expertise on surface chemistry of materials, surface interactions,  and dispersion technology in process chemistry. Most recent activities are on porous materials synthesis and characterization. Passion lies in a combination of surface chemistry of materials with energy generation and conservation. Research tasks include process intensification and innovation which entails finding new process routes in order to save energy and reduce waste within a circular economy.

Ime B Isua-Ikoh, M.Sc.
Reserach intern

An Erasmus Mundus Scholar and young researcher with a drive for innovative products and process optimization. Currently working as a researcher with Renotech Oy in collaboration with Åbo Akademi University, Finland and University of Tartu, Estonia, to study the properties of various bio-fuel fly ashes, in order to optimize their utilization as major raw materials for various construction purposes.

Advisory Board

Bjarne Holmbom, Ph.D., Professor emeritus, Scientific Advisor

One of the most respected wood-chemistry scientists in the world. He is the chairman of our partner company Separation Research.

Erik Nordenswan, M.Sc. (Chem Eng.)
Senior Researcher, Nordkalk (ret),
Scientific Advisor

With a background in different applications of cement and concrete manufacture, his main areas of knowledge are the compaction behavior of concretes and the heat generation of hydrating concrete. He has been the plant manager of a cement factory and has worked at Consolis and Nordkalk as a senior researcher. 

Rainer Ålgars, M.Sc. (Chem Eng.)
Research Manager, Weber st. Gobain (ret), Scientific Advisor

He is an authority in the field of plasters and mortars with multi-decade experience in the field.

Kaj Bäckman,​ M.Sc. (Chem Eng.) Scientific Advisor

Main Professional Expertise:
Heat and chemicals recovery and their unit processes in chemical pulping.

Tom-Henrik Gustafson
​​M.Sc. (Chem Eng.) Scientific Advisor

​With a long history in cement​ manufacture and development. He has worked at Finnsementti Oy as a manager and a director.

Jyrki Linke 
M.Sc.(Chem.), Laboratory Manger, Nordkalk, (retired). Scientific Advisor. 

Over 30 years of experience in laboratory management of inorganic and analytical chemistry focusing on minerals and building materials.

Henrik Halonen, M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.) 

Specialist in building material dry mix technology, selling and commissioning of dry mix plants. Henrik has almost 40 years of experience in designing and testing dry mix products. He is highly recognized among customers for his professional and diplomatic skills.