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UUMA2 programme -  eco-efficient project-specific material solutions and the commercialisation of groundworks with recovered materials​

Ash to Cash​ 

​R3 Water - ​Reuse, Recove​ry and Re​source efficiency, inno​vations in urban wastewater treatment​

Geopolymers: the route to eliminate waste and emissions in ceramic and cement manufacturing

REslag - turning waste into​ value

2015 seminar organised by ECI with all the top names of geopolymer and AAM: Angel Palomo, Yiannis Pontikes, Bob Talling, Jannie van Deventer, and Cyril Attwell​.

US Ambassador Bruce Oreck​ and R&D Engineer Valter Wigren discussing Renotech R&D Mill Technology in December of 2012.

From the left: Valter Wigren, Bob Talling, Ambassador Oreck and Nick Kuchova from the US Embassy checking biomaterial samples at Renotech Oy in December of 2012.

Professor Glukhovskys team in Helsinki 1988.
From left: Elena Kavalerova, Bob Talling, Raisa Runova, Viktor Glukhovsky, Pavel Krivenko. 

Bob Talling in Monterrey 1985 presenting: Accelerated hardening of slag when used as an active binder.

Bob Talling (right) with Professor P.K. Mehta, Professor Odd Gjörv(Norway) and Dr. Kyösti Tuutti(Sweden) at Berkeley, California 1983. Dicussions about AAM.​