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Protecta® passive fire protection

Fire is horrendous. That is something most people agree upon, and especially those who have been unlucky to experience it. But how can we avoid fire? The truth is that it is impossible! We can not prevent fires from starting; what we can do is to stop the fire spreading until it is put out or it stops on its own due to lack of oxygen or fuel.
This will be accomplished with passive fire protection (PFP). Buildings are normally separated into ’sterile’ areas that will contain fire in a particular area. These sterile areas are known as fire compartments. Occupants of buildings in areas remote from the fire source are protected from fire and smoke by these compartments. It is also vital that all escape routes are constructed as fire compartments to maintain them free of smoke and heat. For PFP to be effective it requires installation by trained people. Correctly tested products, trained installers and fire safety training, will ensure fire safety in buildings!
If the apartment on fire is built
as a fire compartment, it will take
over an hour before it spreads to
the surroundings. This is plenty of
time for the fire department to
extinguish before it spreads further.

​Protecta FR Acrylic

Protecta FR Acrylic is the top selling fire rated mastic in our selection of products. The reason is that it has been developed and tested so that it can be used in nearly all  fire-stopping situations with very few exceptions.

​Protecta FR Graphite

Protecta FR Graphite is a water based fire classified  sealing compound that contains a high concentration of heat expanding graphite material.

​Protecta EX Mortar

Protecta EX Mortar is a dry white powder. When water is added, a hardened thermal fire sealing compound for sealing through-penetrations that penetrate fire classified walls and floors.

​Protecta FR Pipe Wrap

Protecta Pipe Wrap is a graphite based swelling material that reacts with heat that fills the cavities resulting from the melting through-penetration in case of a fire.

​Protecta FR Board

The Protecta FR Board consists of a high density rock wool board which is coated with fire retardant paint on one or two sides.​​

​Protecta FR Collar

Protecta FR Collar White: Consists of a split white coated, circular steel casing desi​​gned to fit around plastic pipes.

​Protecta FR Cable Transit

Protecta Cable Transit consists of a steel sleeve in many different sizes with a heat expanding material that seals the Cable Transit in case of fire to simplify the future cable installations.

​Protecta FR Putty Pad

The Protecta Putty Pad has been designed to maintain the fire resistance of gypsum walls where these are breached by electical switches and sockets.

​Protecta FR IPT

Protecta FR IPT is a high performance fire rated sealant, professional quality, one part ready to use sealant and adhesive.

​Protecta FR Foam

Protecta FR Foam is a fire classified construction foam which has particularly good acoustic properties.​